Realty Traces – AVA Gallery UEL E16 2RD

For my recent installation at the AVA Gallery E16 I creationed a new word for reality incorporating the idea shared by Dostoyevsky and Carroll (Alice) that nonsense can give us an insight into the nature of real life. I learnt about how occupying the space with reading aloud somehow activates a coalescence through poetic exhilaration. The key phrase was “Does the moon disappear when I’m not looking at it?” This was Einstein’s repost to the notion that physicists actually bring into existence the particles they observe – this for me is analogous to the loop of creating and observing. First here is a looping walk through from behind the curtain followed by a more impressionistic transcription

In the back room we found the moon behind a curtain. How do I look behind the curtain without peeping?


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