About Mikey Georgeson

A brief intro to his art and illustration
Mikey Georgeson is a multidisciplinary artist. Painting acts as an hub for all his various outputs which are attempts to answer the question “how do I get up every morning and show the world all the love in my heart via the medium?” Click here to see his John Moore’s selected painting  “Dopamine – Molecule of Intuition and read his artist’s statement.


Painting, to Mikey, is an interface between knowing and not knowing – the “push and pull” (to borrow from Hans Hofmann) between forward planning and deference to the ineffable. His paintings are part of a drive to know and concurrently reach a state of not knowing. His latest works have made in-roads to a space outside the tyranny of surface image.

Art Shaped saw his recent solo exhibition “Trope” at Liverpool’s Royal Standard Gallery as exploring “how the artist approaches the tension between art object and life” whilst Double Negative found “irresistible joy and warmth” in the paintings.




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